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Learn more about the projects and brain-dumpings of Mr. Reilly. From his feature film GREY SKIES, his screenplays and comic book The People From Anywhere, to his work within the industry –  all the latest info is here at the click of a button.

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Schmoes Know Movies

Like movies?  Nay, LOVE movies?  Join us at where Mark is Editor in Chief of the popular website – a celebration of movies, television and comic books! For breaking news, special articles and links and video to the popular The Schmoes Know Podcast, come on in to Schmoeville and stay a while!

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The Mark & Kal’s Blog

Mark and Kal share a blog everyone. And when it comes to dogs, Kal is surprisingly vocal about his views on the world. Everything from movie reviews (Mark) to what it’s like to hike Runyon Canyon (Kal) here’s where you can find their unique points of view!

Mark and Kal